Nashville, Tenn. (June 28, 2023) — Outback Presents has announced the appointment of former Cox Media Group national marketing executive Mark Turcotte to the role of Senior VP of Marketing

“This is a landmark moment for Outback Presents,” notes Outback Presents president Mike Smardak. “Mark will be instrumental in fostering success with our artists, managers, agents, venues and brand partners. I’ve known Mark for over 25 years and it has always been a professional goal of mine to find a way to work with him. I’m excited that we’ve found the opportunity and am looking forward to great potential in our future.”

Turcotte began his career as a professional musician in Syracuse, NY. He transitioned into media full time in 1987 as an award-winning promotions and marketing director. Following his daughters and their mother to Atlanta, and then spending nearly a decade in Nashville, he carved out one of the most broadly successful media careers on record. Turcotte brings immense experience in the concert/event promotion space, along with a deep knowledge of how to successfully partner with various stakeholders to enhance each event and find a person for every seat. 

“My dream since first getting into the business is to help bring joy, through music, comedy and performance, to diverse audiences and to make sure the artists are given the respect and consideration they deserve in marketing their shows,” explains Turcotte. “All my life I’ve been in the business of filling seats, whether in a theater or on a program log. Either way, I’m not satisfied unless there’s a line of people waiting for a seat to open.”  

To create that demand, Turcotte plans to newly engage and extend partnerships with media or other commercial entities who also might be interested in bringing joy to their audiences. 

“I’m hoping to hear from all my connections on how we can work together and create great events for our respective audiences,” adds Turcotte. “It’s nothing new. It’s just time to reboot the concept and get it back in play. I cannot wait to get started.” 

Turcotte begins his new role at Outback Presents’ North American Nashville headquarters effective July 18. Reach him via email at

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