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Apr 20 | Posted by: Absolute Publicity | Tags: James Robert Webb

Album Now Available on iTunes & Amazon.com

Nashville, TN (April 20, 2016) -- Country singer/songwriter James Robert Webb has released the much anticipated Pictures album (Bison Creek Records), featuring the single, "How That Feels." Pictures also includes the hit single, "Makin' Love Tonight," which scored a top 40 hit on Music Row and ranked #58 on Billboard. The "Makin' Love Tonight" lyric video made its exclusive debut on Roughstock.com. Writer Chuck Dauphin of Billboard describes Webb as, "an artist of considerable talent and emotional depth whose delivery will, no doubt, make an impact with female listeners as well as male listeners. He's definitely one to watch." The 11-track CD was co-produced by James Robert Webb and veteran Music Row songwriter/musician Daniel Kleindienst.

"When I started making this album two years ago, I had a couple of goals. I wanted to make this a full-length album with enough songs about real life so that fans can really hear who I am as an artist and writer. Above all else, I wanted the soul of this album to be and to sound country," Webb explains.

He adds, "It has been an inspiring journey and I have to thank God, my fans and my family for it. I'm thunderstruck to think that as an indie artist, I have already debuted on Billboard and had a top 40 hit at Music Row. To me that's pretty astonishing. If it wasn't for the radio stations playing and fans requesting the songs, I wouldn't have the amazing success we've already been blessed with.”

The Tulsa-based singer and physician masterfully combines music and medicine with his extraordinary dual career. He established MusicCan, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation designed to support music education among children and strengthen his longtime commitment of giving back. James Robert Webb has been featured on FOX News Radio and is slated for upcoming Nash Country Weekly coverage. Pictures is available on iTunes and Amazon.com. For more information, please visit: jamesrobertwebb.com.

Track Listing for Pictures:

1. Party In The Barn

2. Makin' Love Tonight

3. Absotively Posilutely

4. 1865

5. Pictures

6. Put It In Drive

7. Book Of Me

8. All I See

9. Daddy Made A Million

10. I Know You

11. How That Feels

***Review copies available upon request. James Robert Webb is available for interviews.

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