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Girl Scouts® Organization Donates Thousands of Cookies to Troops Overseas

May 11 | Posted by: Absolute Publicity |

Nashville, Tenn. (May 11, 2017) — The Girl Scouts® of America organization is showing its love for United States military personnel. Today it was announced that the Girl Scouts will donate 144,000 boxes of cookies to Operation Troop Aid (OTA). Using the cookies, OTA will bundle thousands of care packages to be sent to our deployed men and women in uniform.

"It is such and honor to be able to partner with the Girl Scouts to send these cookies to our men and women overseas," says Operation Troop Aid CEO Mark Woods. "They are such great supporters and we appreciate this gesture more than they know."

"We are honored to have the opportunity to support Operation Troop Aid with our cookie donations," says Girl Scouts Product Manager Sue Majzun. "Our Girl Scout Program is called Operation: Sweet Appreciation and our girls work hard to promote donations to the military to show our thanks and appreciation for all they do. Operation Troop Aid is an excellent organization that makes sure our donations reach our troops. Their support and care of our deployable men and women provides a dynamic example of service before self and we will continue to work with them in the years to come."

To date, OTA has sent nearly $11 million dollars in care package products to the troops. Woods adds, "Product donations mean the world to our cause but monetary donations go a long way since we ultimately have to cover the cost of shipping the care packages to the troops. To donate, please visit our website, www.operationtroopaid.org."

About Operation Troop Aid

Operation Troop Aid is an IRS-certified non-profit 501c3 and Combined Federal Campaign member CFC#26493. Founded in 2004 by 21-year military veteran, Mark Woods, OTA partners with entertainment initiatives and provides care packages for U.S. service members with revenue generated through professional event promotions and public financial generosity. OTA strives to make a positive difference and inspire the armed forces by letting them know Americans stand with them. As an entertainment based charity, each year OTA selects and presents The Operation Troop Aid Patriot Award to an entertainer / artist that best exemplifies the spirit of patriotic service to our troops and Americanism in their art. It does not necessarily reflect events in that year, as it may be a historical grouping of their achievements to promote our troops and American patriotism. It is an award that embodies a sense of service, supporting our American troops and an overall outlook of honoring our constitution and promoting the freedom that our troops provide.

For additional information, visit operationtroopaid.org or the organization's official Facebook Page.

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